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Building Industry Strength

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MCAA's Annual Convention is Better Than Ever!

The Mechanical Contractors Association of America offers its members equal measures of industry information, business and technical training, and professional camaraderie.

Its annual convention is tasked to bring the association’s and the industry’s unique culture and personality to life. PCI has partnered with MCAA for nine years. Attendees have been enjoying the event even longer. How do we exceed their lofty expectations and still deliver the unexpected? We create legends.

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2016 was Awesome!

2016’s Convention in Orlando celebrated the individual talents of a wide array of members coming together to create an industry. Key to this was MCAA President Steve Dawson – a Hoosier contractor with a dream of becoming a rock star. And in Orlando, we made Steve just that – creating the legendary “Awesome Dawson” whose rise and fall and ultimate salvation was captured onstage, in print and in his own short film.
Meet Awesome Dawson


All the awesomeness expanded beyond the ballroom to the venue itself as attendees searched the rotunda to find a single word: Awesome.

See other presidential legends of MCAA Conventions past.

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Chucked Away

Maui’s magical setting created a perfect opportunity to discover. From the pre-event marketing materials to the event itself, we asked MCAA members to explore the incredible natural powers that create this island paradise. President Chuck “The Plumber King” Fell gained his own appreciation of fire, water, Earth and sky while starring in a film with a familiar plot.
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Mike Cables' Motorcycle Diaries

2014 President Mike Cables was a motorcycle man and the 2014 Convention reflected his passion. The polished chrome and steel design gave way to a presidential video that was pure motorcycle mayhem.

MCAA Testimonial

I bet there's not another association out there that has an Opening Session that amazes attendees, makes them laugh hysterically and then brings tears to their eyes, all within the first half hour!

John Gentille CEO / Mechanical Contractors Association of America