Biodiesel’s 2015 Conference Unites a Passionate Industry

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Biodiesel’s 2015 Conference Unites a Passionate Industry "October 18, 2016

The National Biodiesel Board has partnered with PCI over the past seven years to produce an annual conference series that matches and heightens the intrinsic energy and enthusiasm of biodiesel industry leaders. The individuals and organizations that created an exciting and important new advanced biofuel share a visionary and determined ethos. With diverse business expertise – from farmers, fuel stock producers, to fuel distributors, marketers, and retailers, they have joined forces to achieve remarkable success and impact in a few short years.

But January’s 2015 National Biodiesel Conference and Expo came at a critical juncture for the young industry. Political gridlock in 2014 delayed passage of two pieces of legislation that critically impact biodiesel production and industry health.

Industry members who were poised for continuing expansion and rising production instead experienced a year of uncertainty, frustration – and for many – retrenchment.


The challenge for NBB’s leadership was to craft a conference agenda and experience that acknowledged the difficulties of 2014 – while inspiring renewed unity and powerful purpose for the coming year’s challenges and opportunities.

The opening video, “Working Together,” set the stage by celebrating industry strength and unity – and charging the audience to amplify the industry’s common voice and force. Inspiring leader presentations and expert panels provided motivation, strategy, and actionable tactics to optimize unified biodiesel action in the coming year.


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