PCI-Produced Interactive Communication Toolkit Empowers School Nurses

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PCI-Produced Interactive Communication Toolkit Empowers School Nurses "October 18, 2016

The stereotype: “boo-boos and band-aids.” The reality: School Nurses fill a vital need for quality care for students with diverse, complex, and often critical health needs.

PCI-Produced Interactive Communication Toolkit Empowers School Nurses

They serve as an early warning system for public health issues – from communicable diseases to dangerous drug epidemics. They are often to the first to notice signs of mental health or social problems among vulnerable youth. They provide health education to students, school staff, and the community. They help students manage challenging and chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma. And they are a safety net, providing informed assessment and appropriate response when staff or students experience serious and even-life threatening emergencies.

School nursing is a professional health specialty that demands a high level of training and experience. The National Association of School Nurses (NASN) supports these professionals with continuing education, evidence-based practices, and myriad resources – and with public education and advocacy to help communities, educational systems, and policymakers understand the compelling needs they serve. Feeling well is essential to students’ academic performance, and having prompt, reliable access to medical care during school is vital for the growing numbers of children with serious health problems. But in too many cash-strapped school systems, School Nurses are viewed as an option, rather than seen as essential to a healthy and productive school environment.

NASN understands that School Nurses need strong tools and clear messages to improve understanding and support, and partnered with PCI to produce an interactive communication toolkit, with resources that can be tailored for local audiences.NASN Interactive Magazine

Building on a baseline branding study and stakeholder interviews, PCI identified a brand platform and key messaging that would resonate with NASN’s membership – and their audiences. PCI wrote and designed customizable education and outreach materials, from email content and short health education articles to sample advocacy letters, presentations, posters, and tip sheets for engaging key stakeholders. PCI then implemented the kit with the digital content platform, Joomag, making the toolkit content interactive, readily updated, and easily accessible.

The kit was developed to achieve two main objectives: Empower School Nurses to improve understanding and support for the role of school nursing and provide materials that School Nurses can use to educate and promote awareness and healthy action – which in turn reinforces their expertise and value.

The toolkit will launch during National Nurses Week, beginning on Wednesday, May 6, 2015.

NASN Interactive Toolkit

National School Nurse Day is May 6, 2015. If you have children, take a moment to thank them – and remind your school leadership of all they do to enable education and your community’s health!

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