Getting the Most from Your End-of-Year Communications BPA Spend

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Getting the Most from Your End-of-Year Communications BPA Spend "October 18, 2016

By Anna-Marie Montague, Senior Writer/Strategist, PCI.

Getting the Most from Your End-of-Year Communications BPA Spend

Small Projects. Big Impact.
With only a few months remaining before the new federal Fiscal Year begins, it can be difficult to launch major marketing or communications initiatives. But summer can be a prime time to tackle small-scale but meaningful strategic, planning, and development activities.

Prepare to Get Out in Front With Your Message
Bridge the gap – with a communications audit, keyed to your organization’s annual objectives and priorities. Identify gaps (missing or outdated information, or products that aren’t available for an important program or initiative), then plan for key messaging, platforms, and products to synchronize internal understanding and target key stakeholders.

Expand Your Brand
Many agencies or organizations find that internal offices or organizations have a strong desire for their own branding. This can lead to informal development of seals, logos, or other visual identity elements that don’t reflect or support the organization’s overall brand. It can be helpful to design sub-brand elements to create a family of brands in sync with and flowing from your overarching brand – including guidelines to ensure that they can be used appropriately. This type of project lets you feed the need for organizational identity and pride while protecting and promoting the professionalism and integrity of your main brand elements.

Resuscitate the “Evergreens”
Often an organization has at least one brochure, presentation, or web content area that is assumed to be “evergreen.” But there may be significant content changes over time. In addition, with so much competing information, it’s important to ensure that the writing is concise and appealing – and the design is current and crisp. An editing and design overhaul can give these standbys a new lease on life.

Let a Picture Clarify Your Story
Introducing or revamping a key process? Need to explain a reorganization? Rolling out a new brand? One or a series of well-designed infographics can demystify new or confusing processes. Similarly a well-designed diagram or chart can make the difference between a complicated slide that competes with your presentation – and one that makes it all clear for the audience. And a well-designed identify deck can drive home your mission and priorities – internally, and to key stakeholders.

Arm Your Leaders
After summer is over and temperatures begin to drop , issues tend to heat up in the government legislation and appropriations cycle. That means summer can be a optimal time for media training for your leaders, getting them prepared, confident, and ready for the testimony or reporters they will face in the fall.

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