‘A, And, You, Me’: The Power of Little Words in Marketing

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‘A, And, You, Me’: The Power of Little Words in Marketing "October 18, 2016

PCI President and CEO Robert W. Sprague discusses how little words can make a big impact in an episode of “Marketing Smarts,” MarketingProfs’ weekly podcast.

Words can be divided into two types: content words and function words. Content words, including nouns, verbs, and adjectives, have meaning in and of themselves. Function words, however, don’t have an inherent meaning. They include pronouns, articles, and prepositions that work to connect content words. An English speaker might have 100,000 or so content words in their vocabulary, but there are only about 450 function words in the English language. The interesting thing is function words, or “little words,” account for about 55% of the words we use.

So, why are these little words significant? Kerry O’Shea Gorgone invited PCI President and CEO Robert W. Sprague to join her on MarketingProfs’ weekly podcast, Marketing Smarts, to address this question. Discussions included how function words can reveal a lot about a writer, how men and women use them very differently, and how they can be used to determine whether brands are emotionally connecting with their audience.

Visit the MarketingProfs website to listen to the podcast episode in its entirety.

MarketingProfs is a community of over 600,000 marketers providing resources such as marketing newsletters, templates, guides, courses, online seminars, conferences, and research. Their weekly podcast, “Marketing Smarts,” is hosted by Kerry O’Shea Gorgone, MarketingProfs instructional design manager, enterprise training. Gorgone is also a speaker, writer, attorney, and educator.

Sprague is the co-founder and owner of one of the nation’s most distinctive and respected providers of marketing and creative production strategies and solutions. He has helped many clients, including Fortune 500 corporate leaders, prominent not-for-profit organizations, and government organizations, tell their stories and find solutions for their challenges for more than 30 years. Sprague has authored articles for national publications on topics such as auditing organizational communications, building management teams through effective communications, and evaluating the ROI of communications. His film scores and music for advertising have been heard in national productions for McDonalds, Subaru, the United Way, and the American Red Cross.

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