Robert Sprague

President & CEO

Robert Sprague

the long of it

Bob is co-founder and owner of one of the nation’s most distinctive and respected creative agencies. In fact, PCI’s very makeup reflects the background of its president.

Bob began his professional journey as a pianist and composer. Today, his writing and strategy are heavily influenced by his sense of the shape of a musical phrase, elevating the persuasive power of his work. Fortune 500 corporate leaders, prominent not-for-profit organizations, and government organizations have called upon his expertise in marketing, public relations, and organizational communications. He’s a business expert, principal strategist, communications practitioner, and video producer and a highly respected leader in the communications and marketing field. From crisis communications to marketing, from public sector advocacy to membership development, and from training and educational content to branding and digital communications, he ensures PCI creates the right approach, messaging, creative treatment, and execution to deliver client results. Bob has authored articles for national publications and his film scores and music for advertising have been heard in national productions for McDonald’s, Subaru, the United Way, and the American Red Cross. In many ways, Bob’s performance background permeates every aspect of the agency. Under Bob’s leadership, PCI has grown into a collection of creative people doing creative things to delight audiences.

The Short Of It
Our leader is Bob Dubya Sprague
His purview is really quite vague
Composing, advising
PR, strategizing
His value is often his plague!