Nasrin Noory

Director of Finance & Administration

Nasrin Noory

When she was young, Nasrin was fascinated with medicine and planned to become a doctor. But when she arrived in America, Nasrin discovered that accounting was a better match for her keen eye for detail.

Now she brings her sense of business discipline to plan and manage PCI’s financial, human resources and administrative functions. Nasrin works closely with the rest of the executive team to develop PCI’s financial plans and reports, and implement best practices for human resource management and support. She is instrumental in helping the company streamline operations and provide outstanding support to both staff and clients. Nasrin’s attention to finances and day-to-day operations of the company allows her colleagues to focus on clients, while assuring that the systems and processes that impact clients are efficient and effective. Prior to joining PCI, she was Controller at Wilkes Artis Chartered, administering all accounting and finance functions. She also served as Accounting and Human Resources Manager for Nexthaus Inc. and Trio Information Systems in Raleigh, NC.

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You’ll find her both witty and funny
And all her exchanges are sunny
But the truth of the story
If you’re talking with Noory
Someone owes somebody money

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