Mark Pedersen

Director of Marketing Strategy

Mark Pedersen

the long of it

Personally and professionally, Mark is passionate about human connection. Whether he’s performing a puppet show for his kids or developing and managing media plans for clients.

Mark’s mission is to tell stories that resonate, engage and inspire. Mark has more than 12 years of agency experience in B2B and B2C marketing and is an expert in developing and implementing fully integrated, cross-channel marketing communications for internal and external audiences. He specializes in content and message development, creative concepting, website planning and architecture (UX/UI), brand strategy and identity. Before joining PCI, Mark was a director at Goris Communications, where clients praised him for his attention to detail and stellar service. Mark graduated from George Mason University, with a BA in Communications and PR.

The Short Of It
Mark is a pro at this game
His work has engendered acclaim
It’s hardly a lark that
He knows how to market
It’s written right there in his name!