Jeb Brown

Senior Partner, Corporate Development

Jeb Brown

The Long of It

Despite a life spent as a leader in the field, Jeb is still fascinated with marketing. He enjoys the process of keeping up to date on how the world is changing, because the rules of marketing haven’t changed, we simply have more tools.

As an experienced leader, teacher, manager, strategist, negotiator, mediator, and deal-maker, Jeb lends to PCI his vast insights on marketing communications, M&A, partnerships, and alliances. His corporate experience as a CEO, business owner, manager, and entrepreneur, combined with his client experience with large and small companies, gives Jeb a unique understanding of the challenges of building and managing a company, developing the right organizational climate and talent mix, and meeting growth and profit goals. For much of his career, Jeb built a small advertising agency into the country’s largest privately held marketing communications firm, with 13 offices in the U.S. and abroad, more than 1,000 employees, and $1 billion in billings. Since he sold the firm, Jeb has been involved as founder, CEO, advisor, or board member with a variety of entrepreneurial companies in advertising, film production, health care, defense contracting, telecommunications, residential construction, and real estate development. He is an adjunct professor of marketing at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland.

The Short Of It
The wonders of Jeb never cease
And each year his values increase
We wanted an edge and
We found us a legend
His resume’s like War and Peace!