Heidi Phelps

Content Strategist

Heidi Phelps

the long of it

Heidi is motivated by a deep love of art and language. As a writer, artist and former French teacher with a Master of Arts in French literature, Heidi brings a certain je ne sais quoi to everything she does.

Heidi began her career in the arts and culture department of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she promoted French musicians, artists and authors in the U.S. and wrote speeches and editorials for the French Cultural Attaché. From there, Heidi moved on to a government relations and communications position at the Association of American Publishers and then into the world of EdTech, where she worked as an Education Client Manager at Rosetta Stone. Looking back on her career so far, Heidi sees that her varied professional pursuits are tied together by one common theme: to engage audiences and create things that people genuinely want to read, learn, look at and talk about. At PCI, she channels this energy into our blog, web and social media content.

The Short Of It
When our content has sat blank awhile
We give her a grande thankful smile
Her bons mots are so
Au currant, a propos
She’s frankly a rank francophile

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