Hal Schild

Senior Vice President, Creative Services

Hal Schild

The Long of It

One of the blessings of Hal’s work is its potential to be seen by so many. With a career spanning four decades, Hal’s work has been experienced by millions of people.

He blends award-winning creativity, technical ability, and business acumen to oversee video, graphic, online, multimedia, and event production at PCI. Hal executive produces annual meetings and conventions for major corporate and not-for-profit clients and creates nationally televised PSAs and image videos for a wide array of PCI clients. Previously, Hal provided multimedia services for leading corporations, the U.S. Government, networks and headline entertainers. His career includes extensive work with HBO, MTV, VH1, PBS, PWC and the Discovery Channel. He created hundreds of hours of television programming, including MTV’s Road Rules and Comedy Central specials. From concerts with Michael Jackson to Sesame Street counting segments, Hal has contributed to hundreds of influential and innovative projects.

The Short Of It
Hal is especially skilled
At seeing your project fulfilled
Through planning and scheming
You’ll get what you’re dreaming
A brainchild from the brain Schild