Clark Fairfield

Art Director

Clark Fairfield

the long of it

Clark brings to PCI 30 years of experience in creative strategy, international marketing, and branding strategy for print, broadcast and the web. Clark’s career began at the National Geographic Society where he built his foundation for brand integrity, which is now a part of his DNA.

He further developed his knowledge of new media and creative strategy as an on-air graphic designer for WJLA-TV and Creative Director for Roland House Production in Arlington VA. In Los Angeles, Clark joined the international design team of Pittard Sullivan, as Creative Director and Live Action Director, working with clients such as Disney, Paramount Studios, Lifetime Television, MTV and Warner Brother Studio. Recognized for his ability to work effortlessly under pressure with visionary and high-end brand strategies, Clark has applied creative insights to clients such as Town & Country, City of Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, The Shops on El Paseo, HBO, Luxe Hotel, MTV, CBS, ABC, National Geographic, Sony Entertainment, Manolo Blahnik, Quincy Jones Entertainment, Hollywood Business District and the City of Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive Tourism. He has also produced Emmy nominations and awards for properties such as Disney Entertainment and Warner Brothers.

The Short Of It
He worked in DC with the best
Then took his vast talents out West
Well, now he’s our treasure
And others can’t measure
They only come up to his chest