Bob Elston

Speech Writer, USDOT

Bob Elston

The Long Of It

Bob’s perspective as a writer draws heavily from a lifetime of seeking out the underground, forgotten, remote, and strangest aspects of life.

He has crowd surfed at punk rock shows in Indonesia, rode motorcycles with his wife and brother above the clouds in Vietnam, and pitched his tent on a secluded beach with his four kids in southern Virginia. He has worked as a daily newspaper reporter at the Los Angeles Times, an intelligence analyst, a speechwriter, and wrote a parenting blog that led to his being interviewed on the BBC, NPR, and numerous radio stations. He loves all forms of writing, regardless of the audience. He has written everything from finished intelligence for the President of the United States down to profiles for friends, even though he is married and hasn’t been on a date since 1991.

The Short Of It
His focus is truly obsessional
He’s skilled with all matters Congressional
He gets at the crux
Of the message for trucks
He’s a talented “semi”-professional

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