Austin Smokowicz

Post-Production Supervisor

Austin Smokowicz

the long of it

The visual arts have always appealed to Austin as the simplest way to convey a rich narrative. Proficient with film, video and television studio production and post-production, Austin is the linchpin of PCI’s video production team.

He coordinates across audio/video personnel, equipment and facilities, and assists in editing video content for documentary, broadcast and live events. Previously, Austin was a producer/director at WNMU-TV in Marquette, Michigan, where he produced a bi-weekly public television student news program. He supervised newsroom production, including story selection, scripting, packaging and graphics. He also trained volunteers in newsroom operations and operated technical equipment during production of the local programs Media Meet, Ask the Doctors, and Ask the Lawyers. Crafting a good story is at the center of Austin’s creative efforts.

The Short Of It
Production’s a passion for Austin
With technical expertise tossed in
He’ll work ‘til he’s giddy so
Your final video’s
Something you’ll simply get lost in