Tossing Their Hats in the Ring: Advice from PCI’s Summer Interns

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Tossing Their Hats in the Ring: Advice from PCI’s Summer Interns "October 24, 2016

Is working at a marketing agency like joining the circus? PCI interns Colby Brown, Courtney Chase and Nicole Murphy offer advice on juggling numerous tasks, performing amazing feats and interacting with a dazzling set of diverse personalities.

Summer is officially drawing to a close. School is back in session, students are preparing their upcoming semesters, and interns nationwide are taking a step back to reflect on the experience they gained over the summer. Our time as summer interns at PCI has been a period of self-development, learning and refining our skills, and (if we are being honest), a touch of craziness.

Often times, agency life can be similar to that of a circus—numerous acts, daily differences, and always entertaining. Over the past three months, we’ve worked on projects such as client events on Capitol Hill, attended intricate video shoots, and even sat in on podcast recordings! We tested the water with animated videos, designed innovative logos, and prepared months of content for social media campaigns.

This summer was a little different than most for PCI. We were able to assist with developing a campaign centered around a company move. While brainstorming content ideas, we stumbled upon a blog titled, 5 Lessons Learned from Inside the Big Top, written by Dani Dipirro, and found that her words resonated with us as interns at a marketing agency. Below are our adaptations of the five lessons Dipirro learned while she lived as a circus performer.

Toss your hat into the ring.

First impressions can be a huge step towards success, especially for interns! At PCI, we quickly became involved with day-to-day activities and assisting our coworkers with any and all tasks, and were praised for our ambitious work effort.

Set up a sturdy net. You will need back-up.

Take the time to get to actually know people in the office: other interns, staff, and definitely your supervisor. Soon into our internship, we started “3-on-1 Intern Meetings”, where we would meet with staff members and ask questions regarding PCI, their career path, life advice, and many other questions. It was a pleasant surprise to find that they asked us questions about our future plans and showed genuine interest in our success.

You’re on a tightrope. Keep your balance.

Life in a circus can be overwhelming, and so can working in an agency. Different acts (projects) go on at different times, but somehow everything manages to come together to produce an amazing final product. All throughout our time with PCI, we didn’t let the fast pace work environment affect our performance. If we were unsure of the process or how to do something, we always asked questions. When we failed, we failed forward—learning from our mistakes and keeping our balance on the tightrope.

Clown around. Life’s too short to be serious.

Have fun. Whether this is with the other interns or even your supervisor, remember to take the time to smile and laugh. Not only does it improve morale and mental health, it’s easy to do. We scheduled “official” lunches where the three of us would share the different projects were were working on and taught each other what we learned—all while listening to music and sharing laughs.

Be the ringmaster. It’s your life.

Students are always told that internships are perfect opportunities to help guide you in the right direction towards your career. We could not agree more! To get the most out of our internships, we worked closely with our supervisors to set attainable goals for ourselves. Looking back on our experiences (all of them different), we are thankful for our summer spent with PCI. We are excited to return to college with a new perspective, new skills, and of course, new mentors to help us be successful in the crazy circus ring called life.

Interested in joining the PCI circus as a spring or summer intern? Contact our ringmasters.

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