The Art of Arranging Type: Make an Impact Through Typography

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The Art of Arranging Type: Make an Impact Through Typography "March 7, 2017

Typography is a subtle, yet very important, element of any deliverable incorporating text. When done wrong, it can change the tone or meaning of content unintentionally. However, when done right, typography can set content apart.
By: Linda Lam, Art Director, PCI

Consider the following three components when choosing typography for your next project.

First and foremost, text needs to be legible. Whether you’re working on a brochure, advertisement, or a website, ask yourself: Have I selected a font that’s too small, too condensed, or not legible in the medium I’m working with?

Second, establishing hierarchy is vital to quality UX (user experience) design and allows you to determine how people will digest your project’s content. Attention span is limited, so establishing a hierarchy through headings, subheadings, navigation, graphics, quotes, etc. allows people to quickly comprehend the gist of what you’re trying to convey.

Not only can choice of typeface establish content hierarchy, it can also be used as a signature design component and set the tone of a piece. The typeface you use for a project needs to speak to your brand, your target audience, and the message you’re trying to convey. It’s easy, for example, to imagine the reaction people have to a project featuring Comic Sans. However, you may need to put more thought into selecting typefaces for other projects. For example, consider selecting a conservative typeface for a financial industry project. On the other hand, a non-profit education program project may benefit from a bright color palette and an energetic typeface.

Uniting typeface functionality and design can enable effective execution of a project. Below are two design examples that utilize a modern font family with various levels of hierarchy. They establish a nice balance of white space, coupled with a unique, yet functional, design that develops a positive user experience.

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