Inspiring Moments from Super Bowl LI

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Inspiring Moments from Super Bowl LI "March 8, 2017

A round-up of inspiring #SuperBowl tweets to start your week off right

Alright, full disclosure: I’m not into football. But as a native New Englander who grew up surrounded by Patriots fans and paraphernalia, I get that last night’s historic comeback in the second half was a very big deal.  To everyone who’s excited about that: awesome! Congratulations! Last night’s game was probably all you needed to start your week off right.

For the rest of us: what positive messages can we pull from last night’s game, commercials and performances to boost our #MondayMotivation? Here’s a quick round-up of inspirational tweets we caught in last night’s #SuperBowl Twitter feed

First: let’s talk about the halftime show. Lady Gaga jumps off the damn roof and then performs an entire energy-packed concert. Let that serve as inspiration to do something big and bold this week.

Next, let’s look at a series of inspirational moments throughout the game, commercials, and performances, captured on Twitter:

Hamilton’s Schuyler Sisters add “with sisterhood” to America the Beautiful. The Internet collectively cheers.

Mental Floss (a PCI favorite) reminds us of a pivotal moment in Super Bowl history.

Air BnB launches #WeAccept.

Actress Viola Davis encourages us to keep moving towards our goals.

The NFL Women’s Summit live-tweets positive messages from their keynote speakers.

Audi tackles gender equality and promotes “progress for everyone”.

Coca-Cola embraces diversity.

What were your favorite social media moments from Super Bowl LI? Tweet them at us or share them in the comments section below.

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