Digital Tipping Point: The Future is Now

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Digital Tipping Point: The Future is Now "October 18, 2016

PCI’s Vice President of Digital Strategy, Matt Chun, envisions the future of our digital world.
By Lindsey Cook, Content Manager, PCI.

The digital movement is making an unprecedented impact on our world, and organizations now realize that staying informed and engaged is critical. So, with the rapid pace of this movement, what does the future of digital really look like?

PCI’s Content Manager, Lindsey Cook, sat down with Matt Chun to discuss emerging trends that will transform marketing, individuals, and organizations in our digital world.

Cook: You’ve said that instead of thinking about digital marketing, marketers need to think about marketing in a digital world. Can you elaborate on this? Why is this significant?

Chun: When working on a “digital marketing plan,” you may be creating a channel-specific strategy a step or two after developing your primary marketing and communication plan. Sometimes this is perfectly appropriate or necessary. You can change the game, however, by moving digital considerations into your organization’s initial strategy planning phase. This enables you to address your audience on a deeper behavioral level, because digital engagement is now an integrated part of daily life.

Cook: What would you say to an organization that says they don’t need a digital strategy?

Chun: When is your office garage sale? I really like that desk.

Cook: What emerging trends are you most excited about in the digital space?

Chun: Augmented reality. The concept has been around forever, but all of the various ingredients have recently made significant advances. The intersection of 3D printing, 3D map projection, and wearables is inevitable, and truly immersive augmented reality will soon be viable.

Cook: Are there digital trends emerging in particular industries or sectors you predict will be game changers?

Chun: With wearables, the healthcare industry is up next for a total digital revolution. The ability to connect healthcare services to self-care management in a quantifiable, seamless manner will not only bring efficiency and efficacy to the space, but it will also inspire innovative capabilities yet to be imagined.

Cook: Paint a picture of our digital world in the future. How will organizations and individuals have to adapt and transform?

Chun: Marketing is going to go all Skynet [a Terminator reference] on us. For marketing messages to be highly targeted, relevant, and timely, they will increasingly need to be powered by artificial intelligence, because manually programming messages for all possible if-then scenarios is nearly impossible. We are at the early stages of this with marketing automation. Eventually, tech and data knowledge will take precedence at executive tables and, as a result, marketers and communicators with the latest relevant knowledge will take lead.

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