Ugur & Oz Go to Burning Man

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Ugur & Oz Go to Burning Man "March 8, 2017

PCI's digital team takes on the Burning Man festival and shares their top 4 highlights.

Earlier this month, Ugur Ozkardesler and Oz Coruhlu attended the Burning Man Festival for the first time and have incredible photos to show for it. We're sure they have incredible stories too, but we quickly learned one thing upon their return to the office: the only thing more exhausting than spending a week at Burning Man is recounting — over and over — what you did and saw at Burning Man. That amount of visual stimulation can't be easily or adequately put into words.

With this in mind, we're skipping the interview to let their pictures speak for themselves. Here is a sampling of Ugur and Oz's top 4 highlights from the Burning Man Festival:

“The Space Whale” by The Pier Group with Matthew Schultz, Android Jones and Andy Tibbetts
“Medusa Madness” by Reared In Steel, LLC
“El Pulpo Mecanico” by Duane Flatmo & Jerry Kunkel
“Rhino Redemption” by Created by Kevin Clark & TM Potter

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