RV Industry Celebrates Success at Outlook 2015 Event

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RV Industry Celebrates Success at Outlook 2015 Event "October 18, 2016

For the 8th consecutive year, PCI partnered with the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) to produce “Outlook 2015,” the opening session at the 52nd Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

The RV industry has come back strong from the recession, with sales set to exceed pre-recession levels in 2015. The show’s theme, “Good Things Ahead,” evoked this resurgence and instilled a sense of forward momentum that carried throughout the show. To reinforce the theme, PCI designed a set depicting a realistic RV – complete with real taillights – rolling down the road toward a better tomorrow.

RVIA President Richard Coon on stage

An upbeat opening video featured time-lapse footage of the load-in of the more than 900 new RVs displayed during the 4-day show. In combination with short interview bites, this approach conveyed the enormous scale of the show while emphasizing the rapid growth of industry sales.

These creative elements enhanced the positive message that industry leaders delivered to the highly engaged audience in the packed room.

Tips for Energizing Sales Force Events

Play to Their Passion with music, imagery, and stories that resonate  – making for an exciting, audience-focused experience.

Celebrate Success –  highlight trends and statistics through animation, infographics, and short video segments to marry excitement with achievement.

Keep it Personal – provide speakers coaching, tools, techniques, and ample rehearsal to help them engage and connect personally with the audience.

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