Ocean Conservancy Selected as PCI’s 2016-2017 Pro Bono Client

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Ocean Conservancy Selected as PCI’s 2016-2017 Pro Bono Client "November 7, 2016

PCI Will Work with DC-based Non-Profit to Increase Awareness About the Importance of Keeping the Ocean — and Planet — Healthy

PCI is proud to announce Ocean Conservancy as its 2016-2017 pro bono
client. For more than forty years, Ocean Conservancy has been committed to combining the influence of science with the power of activism to raise awareness about the detrimental condition of our oceans, beaches, and waterways. Not only is Ocean Conservancy a leader in providing and increasing ocean conservation awareness, but it also leads the focus towards providing scientific and engaging solutions to save our oceans on the national and global level.

With an estimated 250 hours allotted towards this pro bono work, PCI is eager to assist Ocean Conservancy in its efforts to preserve the planet and to showcase how even the smallest act can benefit the overall health of the global ecosystem.

By fostering local and individual engagement among consumers, PCI will help Ocean Conservancy put ocean conservation in the environmental forefront alongside other issues like deforestation and species loss.

PCI will be providing Ocean Conservancy with video and branding efforts that demonstrate how ocean and wildlife preservation is critical to the health of both oceanic water-bodies and shorelines, and local water communities and residents. The PCI team will donate its marketing expertise to assist Ocean Conservancy in its advertisements and overall web presence. PCI’s efforts will help Ocean Conservancy’s mission see fruition—an increase of commitment to coastal cleanup.

PCI understands that oceanic ecosystems are not local commodities that can be haphazardly treated but rather, global resources that need to be safeguarded and respected. This reality is one of the many reasons why PCI is passionate to work with Ocean Conservancy as this year’s pro bono client. Stay tuned for the exciting year ahead!

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