Making the Case for RVs on Capitol Hill

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Making the Case for RVs on Capitol Hill "October 18, 2016

When the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association wanted a creative approach to make their Capitol Hill event shine, they came to PCI.

Making the Case for RVs on Capitol Hill

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) government relations team came to PCI with two questions: how do we make our event stand out from the dozens of cocktail receptions held every week in the halls of congress? And how do we achieve this while educating attendees about the important economic impact of the RV industry?

To help RVIA transcend the ordinary hill event, PCI devised a creative concept designed to engage attendees with the RV lifestyle. When participants entered the House Committee room, they were immersed in a familiar campground environment, evoking strong positive memories of family road trips and childhood. Following specially designed camp guides, participants toured the room, stopping to personally engage with senior industry representatives at four themed “campsites” throughout the space.

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People even had the opportunity to get a #SmokeyBearSelfie, when a surprise guest from the U.S. Forest Service stopped by to share the message: “Only you can prevent wildfires.”

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The results speak for themselves: more than 200 attendees packed the room, including numerous members of Congress. Multiple attendees said that it was the most creative event they had ever attended on Capitol Hill.

The “RVIA Great American RV Experience” was hosted in cooperation with the House RV Caucus, and featured remarks by special guests Congressman Dennis A. Ross and Congresswoman Jackie Walorski.

“Wow; what a fantastic event you helped us put on. Thank you. You guys are top notch. I only wish you could have heard our industry leaders celebrate the success of the event at our post Caucus dinner – especially since your expertise and execution were so crucial to that accomplishment. Rest assured that your reputation with RVIA has been significantly heightened as a result of the event’s success. Congratulations on a job well done!”

— Dianne Farrell,
Vice President of Government Affairs, RVIA

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