CFNC Builds Brighter Futures Through PCI-Produced Video

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CFNC Builds Brighter Futures Through PCI-Produced Video "October 18, 2016

PCI celebrated The Child and Family Network Centers’ 30th anniversary by telling its story through video, making an impact big enough to build brighter futures.

CFNC Builds Brighter Futures Through PCI-Produced Video

The mission of PCI’s 2014 Signature Pro Bono client, The Child and Family Network Centers (CNFC), is critical to the Northern Virginia community: provide quality bilingual preschool and family support services free of charge to the working poor. Since 1984, the not-for-profit has served more than 3,500 children with families living at or below 185% of the poverty line.

As PCI’s 2014 pro bono client, CFNC received free marketing and media outreach services to celebrate its 30th anniversary. CFNC’s work is extensive, and PCI had an important story to tell. The not-for-profit celebrated its anniversary with a new facility grand opening in the spring of 2014, increasing the number of families it can serve. These families speak 13 languages and hail from 21 countries. 75% of CNFC teachers are parents who, with CFNC’s assistance, went back to school for their teaching certification. CNFC hosts workshops, health programs, and fundraisers, dramatically changing the trajectory of poverty for the families it serves.

While it is inspiring to read about the impact CFNC has on Northern Virginia families, PCI wanted potential volunteers, donors, and program families to witness it in an even more emotionally compelling way. As a result, PCI produced a video showcasing CFNC’s enthusiastic students, passionate leadership, and engaged families, capped by footage of a well-attended playground ribbon cutting. PCI’s video will help CFNC build brighter futures for all it serves.

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