Boost Conference Attendance and ROI

Boost Conference Attendance and ROI

An Association Guide to Digital Marketing Tactics

Digital Marketing Tactics to Boost Conference Attendance and ROI

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Your association’s annual conference is key to membership retention and growth, but also to the overall advancement of your industry. The annual meeting offers the chance to reconvene and connect with your membership, immerse new and existing members in your culture, and provide educational programs that support and advance work in your field. The more people who attend your conference, the bigger the impact you make.

Whether your association is looking to start or improve its digital marketing efforts, the guide includes tried-and-true tactics that boost conference attendee rates and drive ROI.

In the guide, association marketers will learn how to:

  • Improve the performance of current digital marketing programs
  • Learn new tactics that can be deployed on a limited budget
  • Leverage the power of social media targeting to engage new audiences
  • Change their digital marketing mindset to drive registrations, not just build awareness.

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  • Drive Registrations with Ad Retargeting
  • Better Email Campaigns
  • Search Engine Marketing, including up to $10k in Google Grants
  • Targeted Social Media Advertising
  • Google Display Advertising 2.0