Speech and Technical Writer

PCI is seeking an energetic, personable, inventive, accurate, and experienced Senior Speechwriter to join our team. While employed by our company, you will be working full-time onsite at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) of the Department of Transportation in Washington, DC.

You will be called upon to write speeches, articles, reports, publications, news releases, congressional testimony, briefings, and other written materials for high-ranking officials. You must excel at the translation of complex technical or policy issues into plain language suitable for a variety of audiences.

You must have 5+ years of speechwriting experience. Experience in the corporate and government environment is preferred. A graduate degree in communications, journalism, or a similar discipline, background in a variety of mediums and industries, a strong work ethic, and outstanding research, grammar, and proofing skills are also required.

Position Location: U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, DC
Position Type: Full time

Position Responsibilities

  • a. Prepare oral and written presentations for delivery by the Administrator, the Deputy Administrator, Chief Safety Officer and other senior FMCSA executives. The speechwriter will prepare remarks and talking points for the Administrator and other high-ranking officials. Work with FMCSA executives and/or their senior staff to identify key points and issues. Engage with all Divisions of FMCSA to ensure speeches are current and relevant. Draft speeches, testimony, remarks, and talking points to establish and maintain mutual communication between FMCSA leadership, motoring public, stakeholders, and Members of Congress. Translate complex issues into plain language to make them easily understandable for a variety of audiences. Such presentations are often keynote policy addresses before major transportation industry, press forums, or significant stakeholder groups.
  • b. Coordinate with speaker and executive analyst to deliver speeches on time and in a proper format appropriate for use.
  • c. Write, review, and edit letters, press releases, and op-eds appropriate for the intended audiences that explain the FMCSA’s policies, programs, services, and activities to external audiences.
  • d. The contractor shall meet and work with FMCSA technical staff to better understand, clarify and assist them in communicating their programs effectively to the media and the public. The contractor shall use this knowledge to create draft written materials to communicate FMCSA programs and initiatives effectively to public audiences.


Minimum Education: Graduate degree in mass communications, journalism or a similar discipline (one which requires the demonstration of effective communication techniques) preferred.

Minimum Experience: Five (5) or more years of relevant work experience as a writer/editor demonstrating the ability to satisfactorily prepare documents such as speeches, testimony, press releases, written reports, and correspondence. Experience working as a speechwriter in the Federal government is a plus.

Skill Requirements: Strong oral and written communications skills. Ability to work with senior level staff.

Skill Requirements: Specialized skills in writing in a variety of mediums – i.e. print, video, digital. Superior skills in PowerPoint, plain language writing, and an ability to identify and target appropriate content to key audiences.

Prior Experience: Must include, but is not limited to, experience in creating and editing speeches and a wide variety of documents, including technical documents. Experience as a speechwriter for senior level officials.

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