Fueling the Future: National Biodiesel Conference and Expo

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Fueling the Future: National Biodiesel Conference and Expo "March 8, 2017

NBB 2017 inspires member confidence and unity in uncertain times

With its national conference scheduled just one week prior to the 2017 presidential inauguration, the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) faced a challenge common to many industry associations: inspiring members in the face of potential policy shifts.

Winds of change are certain – but which way will they blow? Legislation favoring climate change mitigation might possibly get less support and attention from decision-makers should carbon reduction take a back seat to other issues.

Fortunately, Biodiesel delivers a wide range of benefits in addition to its positive impact on the environment. According to a study conducted by LMC International, a 2.9 billion gallon biodiesel and renewable diesel market (including domestic and foreign supply) supports about 64,000 U.S. jobs and $11.42 billion in total impact.

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NBB wanted the conference to unify members, to stoke optimism and action. That inspired PCI’s conference theme, Fueling the Future. It also recognized the fact that NBB members have won against the odds time and again.

PCI provided the official conference logo (designed by Linda Lam) and helped NBB kick off the event with an opening video that harkened back to the pioneering spirit of the organization and the industry. Directed by PCI’s Mike Kim and featuring Kenlon Johnson, the first NBB executive director, the video was set at a nostalgic Western service station and showcased the many challenges and triumphs of Biodiesel’s history.

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The opening presentation brought the theme to a personal level, with CEO Donnell Rehagen and Chairman Kent Englebrecht evoking the power of the underdog through stories of NBB members who sacrificed to build and sustain a fledgling industry. The speakers shared a timeline proving that, despite challenges and setbacks, the industry and association together have achieved remarkable progress through unified voice and action – and called on members to stand ready to continue that successful unanimity into the future.

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By reminding audience members of their own strength and achievements, the conference opening lifted the mood and set the stage for an effective and hopeful kickoff to 2017. Check out images from the event below, along with some behind-the-scenes candids of the PCI events team.

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