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Advertise Digitally and Retarget "March 8, 2017

PCI's "Association Week" concludes with tips on advertising digitally and retargeting to recruit younger members

So…now you know what millennials value and how to articulate your brand. You’ve fixed your damn website and built a strong social community. Now what?

Get out there with digital advertising that gets results. Yes, that includes millennials. Here’s how:



What does success mean to you? Is it to acquire a new member? Register someone for a webinar? Simply “creating awareness” is too broad. Knowing exactly what you want your user to do is your guiding beacon. Follow it.



AdWords? Yes. Digital display banners? Ok, sure. Social media advertising? Absolutely, positively, yes. The ubiquitous use of social combined with the targeting power of their platforms has opened up countless ways reach your audience. We could go on for days.



This is true for both the ad creative itself, but also in the way you target. Test the countless ad formats available or contact us for our insights. Reach audiences based on interests that align with your organization’s mission. Lastly, customize messaging based on who you’re talking to.



Advertising ROI is not based on the click through rate of the ad, it is based on the conversion rate of what you’re offering. Landing pages must feel consistent with the ad, make a strong case for your offer, and make it easy to convert or make contact.



So they went to the landing page, poked around, and then bounced? Face it, the majority of visitors will. It’s time to retarget. They already know your webinar exists. Now’s the time to show how it will solve their problem, help their career, or that a registration deadline is looming.

Download our infographic to keep these tips on hand.

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