“More is Less” when it comes to America’s heavy-duty fleets.

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“More is Less” when it comes to America’s heavy-duty fleets. "November 7, 2016

PCI launches its fifth annual integrated campaign for the National Biodiesel Board’s Advanced Biofuel Acceleration Project.

Throughout the past several years, the environment has continued to see an increase in the amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere, which has in part been linked to the burning of fossil fuels. Consequently, it has become the responsibility and duty of the fuel industry to decrease the growing amount of carbon emitted in the environment and develop clean-burning fuel alternatives to petroleum.

The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) has eagerly assumed this responsibility and has made it its mission to increase awareness of an already existing solution to carbon pollution—biodiesel. Through its Advanced Biofuel Acceleration Project, NBB developed an educational campaign that seeks to inform the public about the environmental, economic, and health benefits of using biofuel in America’s municipal fleets.

For the past five years, PCI has partnered with NBB to increase awareness of biodiesel as a viable alternative fuel and to drive the public’s acceptance of biodiesel as the most effective answer to our environmental challenges. This year, PCI developed a multi-million dollar national print, television, radio and online campaign to help NBB continue to promote biodiesel as America’s only advanced biofuel, educate the public about its benefits, and further raise grassroots awareness of its use and relevance in everyday life.

By highlighting companies and cities that have successfully implemented biodiesel use in their heavy-duty vehicles, PCI shows how “more” biodiesel means “less” carbon pollution and “less” stress on the American economy and environment.

The “More is Less” campaign focuses on three main benefits biodiesel offers the American public:

  1. More energy security, less dependence on foreign oil
  2. More domestic jobs, less outsourcing to overseas entities
  3. More environmental benefits, less carbon pollution

The multi-media campaign was channeled through radio, television, print, and digital strategies.

Take a look at the results!

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